Gilligan's Island (1964)


Genre: Comedy , Family

Plot: During what was supposed to be a three-hour tour, the S.S. Minnow is shipwrecked on an uncharted tropical island following a typhoon. The seven castaways include the blustery captain, his bumbling first mate Gilligan, a millionaire couple named the Howells, curvaceous movie star Ginger Grant, sexy farm girl Mary Ann Summers, and a science professor known as the Professor. Despite their dire situation, they managed to survive on a diet made up of fish and coconut cream pie, and were aided by their trusty transistor radio and a seemingly never-ending parade of guest stars who managed to drop by their "deserted" island (including a big game hunter, a movie producer, a mad scientist, a rock band, Russian cosmonauts, foreign spies, and a jungle boy), yet never managed to bring them to safety. Read More



Episode 30: Gilligan, the Goddess
Episode 29: Bang! Bang! Bang!
Episode 28: The Pigeon
Episode 27: It's a Bird, It's a Plane
Episode 26: Slave Girl
Episode 25: The Secret of Gilligan's Island
Episode 24: The Second Ginger Grant
Episode 23: High Man on the Totem Pole
Episode 22: Splashdown
Episode 21: Gilligan's Personal Magnetism
Episode 20: Our Vines Have Tender Apes
Episode 19: Lovey's Secret Admirer
Episode 18: The Hunter
Episode 17: Court-Martial
Episode 16: Take a Dare
Episode 15: Gilligan Goes Gung-Ho
Episode 14: All About Eva
Episode 13: And Then There Were None
Episode 12: The Kidnapper
Episode 11: The Invasion
Episode 10: Topsy-Turvy
Episode 9: Ring Around Gilligan
Episode 8: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Episode 7: Man with a Net
Episode 6: Where There's a Will
Episode 5: Voodoo
Episode 4: The Producer
Episode 3: Pass the Vegetables, Please
Episode 2: Gilligan vs. Gilligan
Episode 1: Up at Bat
Episode 32: Meet the Meteor
Episode 31: Mr. and Mrs.???
Episode 30: V for Vitamins
Episode 29: The Friendly Physician
Episode 28: Allergy Time
Episode 27: Ghost a Go-Go
Episode 26: Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up?
Episode 25: Operation: Steam Heat
Episode 24: Feed the Kitty
Episode 23: Ship Ahoax
Episode 22: Forward March
Episode 21: Gilligan's Living Doll
Episode 20: Love Me, Love My Skipper
Episode 19: Seer Gilligan
Episode 18: The Postman Cometh
Episode 17: You've Been Disconnected
Episode 16: Not Guilty
Episode 15: Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue
Episode 14: Mine Hero
Episode 13: Gilligan Gets Bugged
Episode 12: Don't Bug the Mosquitoes
Episode 11: The Chain of Command
Episode 10: Hi-Fi Gilligan
Episode 9: Nyet, Nyet - Not Yet
Episode 8: Agonized Labor
Episode 7: Castaways Pictures Presents
Episode 6: Quick Before It Sinks
Episode 5: The Sweepstakes
Episode 4: Smile, You're on Mars Camera
Episode 3: The Little Dictator
Episode 2: Beauty is as Beauty Does
Episode 1: Gilligan's Mother-in-Law
Episode 36: A Nose by Any Other Name
Episode 35: My Fair Gilligan
Episode 34: Goodbye Old Paint
Episode 33: It's Magic
Episode 32: Physical Fatness
Episode 31: Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home?
Episode 30: Forget Me Not
Episode 29: Three to Get Ready
Episode 28: They're Off and Running
Episode 27: New Neighbor Sam
Episode 26: Music Hath Charm
Episode 25: The Matchmaker
Episode 24: The Return of Wrongway Feldman
Episode 23: How to Be a Hero
Episode 22: Diamonds Are an Ape's Best Friend
Episode 21: Big Man on Little Stick
Episode 20: St. Gilligan and the Dragon
Episode 19: Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy
Episode 18: X Marks the Spot
Episode 17: Little Island, Big Gun
Episode 16: Plant You Now, Dig You Later
Episode 15: So Sorry, My Island Now
Episode 14: Water, Water Everywhere
Episode 13: Three Million Dollars More or Less
Episode 12: Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk
Episode 11: Angel on the Island
Episode 10: Waiting for Watubi
Episode 9: The Big Gold Strike
Episode 8: Goodbye Island
Episode 7: The Sound of Quacking
Episode 6: President Gilligan
Episode 5: Wrongway Feldman
Episode 4: Goodnight Sweet Skipper
Episode 3: Voodoo Something to Me
Episode 2: Home Sweet Hut
Episode 1: Two on a Raft