Girls From Ipanema (2019)


Genre: Drama , Romance , Na

Plot: In 1959, Maria Luiza is a rich and dutiful woman who has always depended on her father and husband. After being left alone in Rio, against her better judgment — and to the chagrin of her strict father — Maria Luiza decides to stay in the city and dedicate herself to turning her husband's property into a Bossa Nova club. In this passion-driven transformation in Maria Luiza, she will be inspired by liberal and feminist new friends: Adélia, Lígia and Thereza. Read More



Episode 6: Choices
Episode 5: Someone Chance
Episode 4: All Female
Episode 3: The Carioca Way
Episode 2: Commitments
Episode 1: I Will Survive
Episode 7: Ghosts of Past Christmas
Episode 6: Letting Go
Episode 5: Consequences
Episode 4: The Dreamers
Episode 3: Waters of August
Episode 2: Girls Are Not Welcome
Episode 1: Welcome to Rio