Going Deep with David Rees (2014)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Going Deep with David Rees is the how-to show that teaches you how to do the things you think you already know how to do. In each episode, viewers will journey alongside David as he dons his black apron to deconstruct a familiar process — navigating the whys, hows and what-ifs everyday experiences. Along the way, he’ll meet experts who reveal the task’s surprising history and de-familiarize it until you realize you actually know nothing about it. David will gather everything he’s learned to devise and debut the best technique to accomplish this formerly simple task — until even making ice cubes becomes a high-stakes showcase of beauty and technical precision. Read More



Episode 6: How to Take a Nap
Episode 5: How to Sign Your Name
Episode 4: How to Bounce a Ball
Episode 3: How to Get Punched
Episode 2: How to Eavesdrop
Episode 1: How to Pet a Dog
Episode 10: How to Shake Hands
Episode 9: How to Climb a Tree
Episode 8: How to Light a Match
Episode 7: How to Throw a Paper Airplane
Episode 6: How to Open a Door
Episode 5: How to Swat a Fly
Episode 4: How to Flip a Coin