Good Vibes (2011)


Genre: Animation , Comedy

Plot: Transplanted Jersey boy Mondo and his best buddy Woodie live out their California dreams in the colorful beach community of Playa Del Toro, where the likeable, down-to-earth duo search out the wildest parties, prettiest girls and biggest waves. While Mondo tries to look the part among the tanned, sculpted rich kids, his portly frame is sometimes a source of embarrassment, especially when he tries to impress super-cool Jenna. Through thick and thin, however, Woodie and his heart of gold is always by Mondo's side. "I've never had a bro before,'' Woodie says. "I've always been kind of a loner, but it's fun being loners together.'' Read More



Episode 12: Backstage Babs
Episode 11: Surf Legend
Episode 10: Virgin Hangover
Episode 9: Mondo Mia!
Episode 8: Red Tuxedo
Episode 7: The Grass is Always Greener
Episode 6: Breast Friends
Episode 5: The D-List
Episode 4: Don't Blow Your Wadska
Episode 3: Tech Rehab
Episode 2: Floatopia
Episode 1: Pilot