Gourmet Farmer (2010)


Genre: Documentary , Reality-tv

Plot: Australia's toughest food critic, Matthew Evans, has chucked in his city life for a taste of some small farm living in Tasmania; that heart shaped island somewhere down the bottom of Australia. This series plots the new trajectory of Matthew's life: from living in Australia's biggest and busiest city to a country life in an isolated part of the island state. He's eager to seriously put to the test his primary belief that we should all be directly connected with our food: either by growing it or rearing it ourselves, or sourcing it from local producers. Having spent most of his life writing about what good food actually is, Matthew now wants to go directly to the source. He aims to find the best local produce: to rear and grow as much as he can himself. He wants to get pigs, chooks, sheep and a cow. He wants to grow things for the plate and have his farmhouse table groaning under huge platters of food. And then he wants to have lots of his old and new friends over to share in the spoils. Only problem is, he doesn't know how to chop wood, and he doesn't know anything about growing fruit and vegetables and even less about rearing animals. However, he does know how to eat. How hard can it be? Written by Anonymous Read More



Episode 10: Reap What You Sow
Episode 9: Sausage Party
Episode 8: Grand Opening
Episode 7: The Final Countdown
Episode 9: Fish