Graveyard Carz (2012)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Graveyard Carz is a reality television series that currently airs on Velocity. The show documents the select crew at Mark Worman's collision shop Welby's Car Care and their restoration, research and documentation of Chrysler vehicles. The restoration footage is bookended by Worman's musings and commentary, usually at his workers' expense. The crew also provides commentary on the projects, as well as about working with each other. Occasionally the owners of cars being restored visit the shop and tell their story. It is made on location at Worman's collision shop in Springfield, Oregon. Read More



Episode 13: Greetings From SEMA
Episode 12: The Dayton's Advocate
Episode 11: No Country For Old Chargers
Episode 10: The Charger Syndrome
Episode 9: The Usual GTXs
Episode 8: Frankenstein's '71 Cuda
Episode 7: The Fast and Furry-ous
Episode 6: The Road Runner Diaries - Part 2
Episode 5: The Road Runner Diaries - Part 1
Episode 4: Perks of Being a Challenger
Episode 3: The Big Cheesesteak
Episode 1: There Will Be 'Cudas
Episode 13: We Belong Together
Episode 12: Beast of Burden
Episode 11: Bad to the Bone
Episode 10: Just The Way You Are
Episode 9: A Long and Winding Road
Episode 8: Only the Strong Survive
Episode 7: You're the One I Want
Episode 6: You Can't Always Get What You Want
Episode 5: It Don't Come Easy
Episode 4: Whole Lotta Love
Episode 3: For the Love of Money
Episode 25: Parking In-Violetion
Episode 24: Baptism by Fire
Episode 23: Dougon'it
Episode 22: Amentini, Shaken Not Stirred
Episode 21: To Beep, or Not to Beep
Episode 19: Raise the Roof
Episode 18: Allysa's Billboard Hit
Episode 17: This Is Boring
Episode 16: Rallye the Troops
Episode 15: Hellephant in the Room
Episode 14: Taking Home the Bronze
Episode 13: The Last WS27R on Earth
Episode 12: B5 Before and After
Episode 11: Duster In The Wind
Episode 10: Carbiturary: Cuda
Episode 9: Night of the Little Dead Wagon
Episode 8: The A100 Team
Episode 7: Willie, Paint it Black?
Episode 6: 1.5 Million Dollar Baby
Episode 5: Carbituary: Charger
Episode 4: It's A Duster Buster
Episode 3: Upshift Creek
Episode 2: Everybody Loves Raymond
Episode 1: Ripping Up the Dash
Episode 13: Shaking the Magic 8-Ball
Episode 12: Mark, Dougie, Allysa, Oh My!
Episode 11: A Challenger Reflected
Episode 10: Look to the West for B5 Blue
Episode 9: Frankenstein's Work
Episode 8: Exorcize a Demon
Episode 7: Dissecting a Daytona
Episode 6: Performance with a Touch of Luxury
Episode 5: What's Next?
Episode 4: Surveying The Will To Work
Episode 3: Pilot Takes Flight
Episode 2: 68 GTX vs Echo Bomber
Episode 1: SEMA Has Eyes On A Hellbird
Episode 13: The Phoenix 'Cuda
Episode 12: A Buck Shorted
Episode 11: Mopardy
Episode 10: Gone in 60 Days
Episode 9: I Love the Smell of Plum Crazy in the Morning
Episode 8: Engines, Assemblies, and Dougie, Oh My!
Episode 7: Roadrunner With a Twist
Episode 6: Getting Schooled
Episode 5: Dueling Drivetrains
Episode 4: Inner Workings of a Victim
Episode 3: General Deliver Lee
Episode 2: Put Up Your Dukes
Episode 1: General Assemble Lee
Episode 8: Daytona vs. Hellcat
Episode 1: Grin and Bear a 'Cuda
Episode 20: What We Do for a Buck
Episode 19: Cuda 'Tat
Episode 18: Judgement Day
Episode 17: The Roadrunner Gives Me a Hemi
Episode 16: Operation Firepower
Episode 15: General Lee Considered
Episode 14: Grin and Bear a 'Cuda
Episode 13: 72 Charger SE Resurrected (S06 Finale)
Episode 12: Hemi GTX Convertible Resurrected
Episode 11: Cap'ing-off the Challenger
Episode 10: Phantom's 440 Six Barrel
Episode 9: Will Gets Grumpy
Episode 5: Privilege to Drive a '68 GTX Convertible
Episode 1: Elephant in a '69
Episode 12: Pitch and Rides
Episode 11: Hemi FK5 Alive
Episode 10: Chally vs Chally
Episode 9: Investigation O.E.
Episode 8: Grand Theft Hemi
Episode 7: Hemi Orange is the New Corporate Blue
Episode 6: '70 Cuda Grace
Episode 5: Return of the '70 Sunroof Challenger
Episode 4: 400 Magnum Misfire
Episode 3: Hell Hath No '58 Fury
Episode 2: Rallye Red Restored
Episode 1: Commando Cuda vs. Magnum Force
Episode 13: How to Cook a Barracuda
Episode 12: Put Me In, Coach
Episode 11: Clipped Wings
Episode 10: The Hills Have Eyes on a Superbird
Episode 9: MoSparring
Episode 8: Spoiler Alert
Episode 7: Manifold Destiny
Episode 6: Gone Bananas
Episode 5: Top Banana Change
Episode 4: Drive a Mile in My Shoes
Episode 3: Mo Money Mo Challengers
Episode 2: General Disassemble Lee
Episode 1: Daren and Royal Go Topless
Episode 6: The Big Dipper
Episode 5: More Than A Wrench
Episode 4: Runnin' Down a Dream
Episode 3: Daren Goes Plum Crazy
Episode 2: It's the Great Pumpkin, Mark Worman!
Episode 1: Emma's Car