H2O: Just Add Water (2006)


Genre: Drama , Family , Fantasy

Plot: Season One: The lifes of three girls living on the Australian Gold Coast are changed forever. When Cleo, Emma and Rikki stumble upon a pool inside the dreaded Mako Island, a full moon transforms them and the next day they start turning into super powered mermaids! With the help of friend Lewis, the girls manage to control their powers and hide their secrets. But it becomes difficult with maddening full moons, nosey scientists and local bad boy Zane going on a quest to find them! Season Two: Following the incident with Dr Denman and the Lunar Eclipse, Emma, Cleo and Rikki want to go back to their normal lives. But when the full moon comes back, all three girls have a dramatic power change! Without Lewis, they could destroy themselves. But their friend is trying his best to help them, despite his relationship with geeky Charlotte. But Charlotte proves to be more of a threat when she learns about her grandmother being a mermaid and stumbles into the moon pool and becomes a mermaid herself! Read More



Episode 26: Graduation
Episode 25: A Date With Destiny
Episode 24: Too Close for Comfort
Episode 23: Beach Party
Episode 22: Mako Masters
Episode 21: The Jewel Thief
Episode 20: Queen for a Day
Episode 19: Breakaway
Episode 18: Into the Light
Episode 17: A Magnetic Attraction
Episode 16: The Dark Side
Episode 15: Power Play
Episode 14: Mermaid Magic
Episode 13: To Have & To Hold Back
Episode 12: Crime & Punishment
Episode 11: Just a Girl at Heart
Episode 10: Revealed
Episode 9: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Episode 8: Kidnapped
Episode 7: Happy Families
Episode 6: Secrets & Lies
Episode 5: Big Ideas
Episode 4: Valentine's Day
Episode 3: Keep Your Enemies Close
Episode 2: Jungle Hunt
Episode 1: The Awakening
Episode 26: Unfathomable
Episode 25: Sea Change
Episode 24: Three's Company
Episode 23: Reckless
Episode 22: Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble
Episode 21: And Then There Were Four
Episode 20: The Gracie Code (2)
Episode 19: The Gracie Code (1)
Episode 18: The Heat is On
Episode 17: Moonstruck
Episode 16: Double Trouble
Episode 15: Irresistable
Episode 14: Get Off My Tail
Episode 13: Moonwalker
Episode 12: Fish Fever
Episode 11: In Over Our Heads
Episode 10: Missed the Boat
Episode 9: Riding for a Fall
Episode 8: Wrong Side of the Tracks
Episode 7: In Hot Water
Episode 6: Pressure Cooker
Episode 5: Hocus Pocus
Episode 4: Fire and Ice
Episode 3: The One That Got Away
Episode 2: Control
Episode 1: Stormy Weather
Episode 26: A Twist in the Tail
Episode 25: Dr. Danger
Episode 24: Love Potion #9
Episode 23: In Too Deep
Episode 22: Fish Out Of Water
Episode 21: Red Herring
Episode 20: Hook, Line and Sinker
Episode 19: Hurricane Angela
Episode 18: Bad Moon Rising
Episode 17: Under the Weather
Episode 16: Lovesick
Episode 15: The Big Chill
Episode 14: Surprise!
Episode 13: Shipwrecked
Episode 12: The Siren Effect
Episode 11: Sink or Swim
Episode 10: The Camera Never Lies
Episode 9: Dangerous Waters
Episode 8: The Denman Affair
Episode 7: Moon Spell
Episode 6: Young Love
Episode 5: Something Fishy
Episode 4: Party Girls
Episode 3: Catch of the Day
Episode 2: Pool Party
Episode 1: Metamorphosis