Him & Her (2010)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Him and Her is a comedy series broadcast on BBC THREE. The show follows the lives of Steve and Becky who only want to drink, eat, have sex and not do any work. They exist together in Steve's bedsit living off state benefits. Read More



Episode 5: The Disco
Episode 4: The Speeches
Episode 3: The Ceremony
Episode 2: The Arrival
Episode 1: The Morning
Episode 7: The Christmas Special
Episode 6: The Proposal
Episode 5: The First Date
Episode 4: The Father-in-Law
Episode 3: The Happy Couple
Episode 2: The Sister-in-Law
Episode 1: The Ring
Episode 7: The Split
Episode 6: The Cinema
Episode 5: The Rollover
Episode 4: The Fight
Episode 3: The Get Together
Episode 2: The Sleepover
Episode 1: The Move
Episode 6: The Argument
Episode 5: The Parents
Episode 4: The Football
Episode 3: The Fancy Dress Party
Episode 2: The Birthday
Episode 1: The Toast