Hollywood Game Night (2013)


Genre: Comedy , Game-show

Plot: Each week two people leave their ordinary lives behind as they and a group of popular celebrities gather together to play a series of outrageous and hilarious party games that include quizzes featuring celebrity and popular culture. The civilians compete with each other, but each person has a team of celebrities for assistance, vying for the opportunity to take home a $25,000 cash prize. Adding to the party atmosphere is the host -- award-winning actress, comic and singer Jane Lynch -- and an energetic house band. Read More



Episode 15: Chrisley's Believe It or Not
Episode 14: Bill Nye the Game Night Guy
Episode 11: Social Distancing Edition
Episode 4: American Good Place Warrior
Episode 3: Red Nose Day Special 2019
Episode 1: Pop Goes The Game Night
Episode 4: Everything's Coming Up Rosie