HOT ROD Garage (2014)


Genre: Sport

Plot: HOT ROD Garage is the ultimate, hands-on car aficionado's workshop show. From paint and body repair to engine swaps, HOT ROD Garage is full of the tips, tricks and know-how that you've come to expect from the crew at HOT ROD Magazine. Read More



Episode 6: Twinpala is Back! Shooting for 9s! 1000-hp, 16-cylinder, AWD!
Episode 5: 1971 Caddy Sedan DeVille Made Hard to Kill!!
Episode 4: The Cheapest Turbo Buick in America! The $3,800 Grand Trashional!
Episode 3: AMC 401 V-8 Racing Engine Build! High Revs! Big Power! Trans-AM Killer!
Episode 2: Cheap Hot Muscle!! 2004 Mustang GT Hiding in Plain Sight!
Episode 1: 3-Way Drag Racing! Hot Rod Garage Unfinished Business!
Episode 12: Does America Make a Better Barra?!?! Vortec 4200 Turbo Engine Builds!
Episode 11: Fast! Cheap! Mopar!!! Pick Two!!!! The Story of the MythDuster!
Episode 10: Fiberglass Realities - Scratching the Itch
Episode 7: 16 Cylinders! Twin LS Engine! 600 HP! AWD 2006 Chevy Impala SS! The Twinpala is Here!
Episode 5: Boat on Bags! ’71 Sedan deVille Gets Dropped!!!!
Episode 4: How to Drag Race! Hot Rod Garage Takes You to the Strip! Bonus: Burnouts!
Episode 3: 1971 Caddy Sedan DeVille LS Swap!! Complete Misadventure!!
Episode 13: Low Buck, Big Power, Big Block!
Episode 11: Ready, Set, Race! Our 5.0 MG Transformed Into a Road Racer!
Episode 10: Auction Find! Ballin’ on a Budget 575hp Mercedes SL500
Episode 8: 5.9l Cummins Diesel El Camino Swap! Dieselcamino!!
Episode 7: Cheap Chevy Small-block Build and S-10 V-8 Swap!
Episode 6: Trackside Upgrades! 5.0 Mustang Drag Testing!
Episode 5: Cops vs. Robbers in Action! 500HP 1979 Malibu Getaway Build, Part 2!!!
Episode 3: $3,500 Chevy S-10 Total Transformation! Low-Budget High School Hot Rod
Episode 2: LS vs. 2JZ vs. 12V Cummins. Superstar Engine Comparo!!
Episode 1: 2005 Dodge Magnum Dad-Rod Build—Perfect for Hauling Kids and Hauling Ass!
Episode 12: Hack the C10 Market! Longbed to Shortbed DIY Conversion!
Episode 11: Ultimate Road Trip Car Goes Cross-Country for Fresh Paint!
Episode 10: Adding 150 Horsepower to a Junkyard 6.0L LS! The #66ChevHell Gets Some Serious Power!
Episode 9: ’70s Street Machine Van Build! Let’s Get Sleazy!
Episode 8: Big American V-8 in a Tiny British Car, Meet the 5.0 MG!! (Say it 5 OMG).
Episode 6: Drift ’Cuda Gets Sideways!! #fishtailcuda
Episode 5: The Crown Hick Gets Supercharged V-8 Power!
Episode 4: Ultimate Road Trip Build: Bare frame to driver in 2 days!
Episode 3: How to Build a Low-Buck Muscle Car
Episode 2: Crown Hick, F100/Crown Victoria Cop Car Body Swap Gets Up and Running!
Episode 12: Drift ’Cuda Hits the SEMA Show and Then the Track!! #fishtailcuda
Episode 11: 6.4 Hemi Crate Engine Swap! Drift `Cuda Gets Modern Hemi Power!
Episode 10: Drift `Cuda! Meet Project FishTail!!
Episode 8: Tire Killer! ’66 Fury Wagon! Big-Block Stroker Wagon Gets Big Power!
Episode 5: Blown ’57 Chevy! Project X Returns with a 6-71 Blown Small-Block!!
Episode 4: Budget Turbo V-8 Drag Times! #Bonemaro Hits the Track!!!
Episode 3: 512 Cubic-Inch Stroker Sleeper Wagon! #Furyroadmaster
Episode 1: Low-Buck Speed Project! LS Swapped 1979 Camaro! #Bonemaro
Episode 6: Budget-Minded Muscle Car Suspension Upgrades!
Episode 5: Muscle Truck Revamp on a 1974 Chevrolet C10!