How Do They Do It? (2006)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: How Do They Do It? Ever wondered how the stripes get into toothpaste or how contact lenses are made? How do goods get from one country to another and then into our supermarkets? What are car tires made from and exactly why are plasma TV screens flat? Eating, drinking, driving, flying. These all are activities that we carry out with barely a second thought. But have you ever wondered what exactly goes into your teabag and how it got there? How does an airport handle hundreds of thousands of items of luggage each day? And just how can a car’s airbag inflate so quickly? Every day – often without even realizing it – we come into contact with technology, be it in the bathroom, in the car or on the golf course. We take a look at how things work, and focus on some of the most amazing examples of everyday objects including the world’s fastest elevator and the most expensive chocolate money can buy. Read More



Episode 20: Remote Controlled Submersibles, Steiff Teddy Bears, Indian Cheese Paneer
Episode 19: Hearing Aids, Elizabeth Line Trains, Shadow Puppets
Episode 18: Basmati Microwave Rice, Automaton Singing Bird Boxes, British Life Guards Uniforms
Episode 16: Mushroom Farming, Map Making, Medical Gloves
Episode 15: RV Motorhomes, Lollipops, Ballet Shoes
Episode 13: Marshall Amplifiers, Clay Garden Pots, Book Rebinding
Episode 10: Birds Nest Soup, Rowing Oars, Castanets
Episode 9: Tractors, Cow Bells, Street Lights
Episode 6: Geoduck Clams, Vintage Steam Trains, Water Polo Hats
Episode 4: Horse Transport by Air, Chess Sets, Food Photography
Episode 3: Surfboards, Satchels, Butter
Episode 2: Trombones, Wineskins, Peat Beauty Cream
Episode 1: Peppermint Oil, Tennis Rackets, Desalination
Episode 8: Axes; Messenger Bags; Fast-Rescue Boats
Episode 6: Vinyl Records; Bumper Cars; Tiger Balm