How Do You Want Me? (1998)


Genre: Comedy , Drama

Plot: Following their marriage, Ian and Lisa move back to the village where she grew up, a village still dominated by her family. In order to try to fit in, Ian takes a job as the village photographer, a profession for which he is not really cut out. Read More



Episode 6: The Pleasures of Village Life
Episode 5: Ready Steady Kill
Episode 4: Bad Builders
Episode 3: Nude Modelling Module
Episode 2: I’m Not an Alcoholic
Episode 1: White Pubic Hair
Episode 6: Sausage, Balloon, Bum
Episode 5: The Hidden World of Country Fire Stations
Episode 4: Woof!
Episode 3: Monstrous
Episode 2: Floppy, But Not Too Floppy
Episode 1: No-one Can Hear You Scream