Hunted (US) (2017)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: A competition with regular people involving a real-life manhunt where they attempt to completely drop off the grid while skilled investigators, who are highly trained in modern investigating tactics and who process the most advanced tracking technology, hunt to catch them. From searching their homes, internet and cell phones, to identifying individuals' patterns and thinking habits, the Hunters pursuing them and the investigators at their Command Center focus all concentration towards identifying possible hiding places and associates to limit the fugitive's possibilities and increase the possibility of capture. Eighteen individuals will pair up for a chance at the grand prize of $250,000 which will be awarded to any pairs that successfully evade capture for 28 days. Read More



Episode 7: The Final Escape
Episode 6: Poking the Bear
Episode 4: Fight, Flight or Freeze
Episode 3: Operation Cupid's Revenge
Episode 1: The Internet Never Forgets