Hustle (2004)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery

Plot: The story of a group of elite con artists, who each week pull off a complicated scam with several twists. Mickey is the group's leader, who comes up with the plans. Albert is a veteran con man who in his later years is a "roper," searching out suitable victims and introducing them to his cohorts. Ash comes up with all the locations and equipment needed for the cons. Stacie steps in whenever she needs to use her feminine wiles. The group is rounded off by Danny, a young amateur grifter who Mickey takes under his wing. Read More



Episode 6: The Con is Off
Episode 5: Ding Dong That's My Song
Episode 4: Eat Yourself Slender
Episode 3: Curiosity Killed the Kat
Episode 2: Picasso Finger Painting
Episode 1: Gold Finger
Episode 6: The Delivery
Episode 5: The Fall of Railton FC
Episode 4: Benny's Funeral
Episode 3: Clearance from a Deal
Episode 2: Old Sparks Come New
Episode 1: As Good As It Gets
Episode 6: The Hush Heist
Episode 5: Conned Out of Luck
Episode 4: The Father of Jewels
Episode 3: Tiger Troubles
Episode 2: The Thieving Mistake
Episode 1: And This Little Piggy Had Money
Episode 6: The Road Less Travelled
Episode 5: Politics
Episode 4: Diamond Seeker
Episode 3: Lest Ye Be Judged
Episode 2: New Recruits
Episode 1: Return of the Prodigal
Episode 6: Big Daddy Calling
Episode 5: Conning the Artists
Episode 4: A Designer's Paradise
Episode 3: Getting Even
Episode 2: Signing Up to Wealth
Episode 1: As One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest, One Flew In
Episode 6: Law And Corruption
Episode 5: The Hustlers News of the Day
Episode 4: A Bollywood Dream
Episode 3: Whittaker Our Way Out
Episode 2: The Henderson Challenge
Episode 1: Price For Fame
Episode 6: Eye of the Beholder
Episode 5: Old Acquaintance
Episode 4: Missions
Episode 3: The Lesson
Episode 2: Confessions
Episode 1: Gold Mine
Episode 6: The Last Gamble
Episode 5: A Touch of Class
Episode 4: Cops and Robbers
Episode 3: Picture Perfect
Episode 2: Faking It
Episode 1: The Con Is On