I Was Prey (2017)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Recounting the hauntingly true stories of people who found themselves in a life-or-death situation, face to face with a dangerous animal. Read More



Episode 10: Mauled in the Mountains
Episode 9: Deadly Decision
Episode 8: Night Terror
Episode 7: One Wrong Step
Episode 6: All Alone
Episode 5: Safari Horror
Episode 3: Backyard Bite
Episode 1: Grisly Encounters
Episode 13: Fighting for Family
Episode 11: Alone In The Wild
Episode 10: Close to Home
Episode 9: Mountain Mayhem
Episode 8: Dragged Below
Episode 7: Nowhere to Hide
Episode 6: Attacked in Alaska
Episode 4: Surviving for my Son
Episode 3: Unseen Assailant
Episode 2: 20-Foot Terror
Episode 1: Vacation Nightmare