Impractical Jokers: After Party (2017)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: On Impractical Jokers: After Party, host Joey Fatone takes the Jokers and surprise guests through a deep dive of challenges, special play-by-play punishment analysis, and bonus content. You'll get candid commentary and insider access like never before! Read More



Episode 3: The Prince and Me
Episode 2: OK Zoomer
Episode 1: Space Oddity
Episode 8: It's Electric
Episode 7: Hollywood
Episode 6: Toll Booth Corrector
Episode 5: Fraudway
Episode 4: Off The Reservation
Episode 3: The Dumbbell
Episode 2: The Closer
Episode 1: Crash Test Dummies
Episode 8: Staten Island Holiday Spectacular
Episode 7: Pantsing With the Stars
Episode 6: Hell on Wheels
Episode 5: The Bogey Man
Episode 4: The Running of the Bullies
Episode 3: Bull Shiatsu
Episode 2: Card Against Humanity
Episode 1: Speech Impediment
Episode 10: G.I. Jokers
Episode 9: Dover and Out
Episode 8: The Party Crasher
Episode 7: Take Me Out at the Ballgame
Episode 6: The Walking Dread
Episode 5: Silence of the Lame
Episode 4: Remember the Pact
Episode 3: Flatfoot the Pirate
Episode 2: Rubbed the Wrong Way
Episode 1: The Q-Pay