Insatiable (2018)


Genre: Comedy , Drama , Thriller

Plot: A bullied teenager turns to beauty pageants as a way to exact her revenge, with the help of a disgraced coach who soon realizes he's in over his head. Read More



Episode 10: The Most You You Can Be
Episode 9: Ladybomb
Episode 8: Pretty in Prison
Episode 7: Full Brazilian
Episode 6: Eat and Run
Episode 5: Finding Magnolia
Episode 4: Poison Patty
Episode 3: Boomerang
Episode 2: Dead Girl
Episode 1: Pig
Episode 12: Why Bad Things Happen
Episode 11: Winners Win. Period.
Episode 10: Banana Heart Banana
Episode 9: Bad Kitty
Episode 8: Wieners and Losers
Episode 7: Miss Magic Jesus
Episode 6: Dunk 'N' Donut
Episode 5: Bikinis and Bitches
Episode 4: WMBS
Episode 3: Miss Bareback Buckaroo
Episode 2: Skinny Is Magic
Episode 1: Pilot