Insecure (2016)


Genre: Comedy , Romance , Na

Plot: Unpacked stories of the black female experience from the perspective of two female protagonists, Issa and Molly who have been best friends with each other since their college days at Stanford. Both in their late 20s, they navigate career and relationship experiences while living in their hometown Los Angeles, California. The two share a close bond, and throughout the show, they deal with internal struggles within themselves, their friendship, and the African American community. Issa works at a non-profit that benefits middle-school aged students of color called "We Got Y'all". She struggles to put the spark back into her relationship with her long-term boyfriend, Lawrence, who has been slacking in their relationship since his start-up company failed. Molly is a successful corporate attorney who has career success but difficulty with dating men. The half-hour series explores social and racial issues that relate to the contemporary black experience. Read More



Episode 10: Lowkey Lost
Episode 9: Lowkey Trying
Episode 8: Lowkey Happy
Episode 7: Lowkey Trippin'
Episode 6: Lowkey Done
Episode 5: Lowkey Movin' On
Episode 4: Lowkey Losin' It
Episode 3: Lowkey Thankful
Episode 2: Lowkey Distant
Episode 1: Lowkey Feelin' Myself
Episode 8: Ghost-Like
Episode 7: Obsessed-Like
Episode 6: Ready-Like
Episode 5: High-Like
Episode 4: Fresh-Like
Episode 3: Backwards-Like
Episode 2: Familiar-Like
Episode 1: Better-Like
Episode 8: Hella Perspective
Episode 7: Hella Disrespectful
Episode 6: Hella Blows
Episode 5: Hella Shook
Episode 4: Hella LA
Episode 3: Hella Open
Episode 2: Hella Questions
Episode 1: Hella Great
Episode 8: Broken as F**k
Episode 7: Real as F**k
Episode 6: Guilty as F**k
Episode 5: Shady as F**k
Episode 4: Thirsty as F**k
Episode 3: Racist as F**k
Episode 2: Messy as F**k
Episode 1: Insecure as F**k