Into the Badlands (2015)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Drama

Plot: Regent Sunny, a highly-skilled fighter and the deadliest "Head Clipper" for Baron Quinn battles the Nomads to rescue a mysterious boy named M.K. who harbors a dark secret about his past. But when he brings him back to The Fort to train as a "Colt", a Clipper-in-training, things quickly get out of hand with another trainee. When first blood is drawn, M.K. loses control of himself as if something takes over his body, making the boy valuable to an opposing baron, The Widow. Meanwhile, Sunny discovers M.K.'s pendant has the same image as the one on his childhood compass of a place called Azra, the boy's home. In order to seek out the truth about his own past, Sunny wants to know more of this city beyond the Badlands, and must find a way out, especially now that his lover Veil is illegally pregnant with his child. Read More



Episode 16: Seven Strike as One
Episode 15: Requiem for the Fallen
Episode 14: Curse of the Red Rain
Episode 13: Black Lotus, White Rose
Episode 12: Cobra Fang, Panther Claw
Episode 11: The Boar and the Butterfly
Episode 10: Raven’s Feather, Phoenix Blood
Episode 9: Chamber of the Scorpion
Episode 8: Leopard Catches Cloud
Episode 7: Dragonfly's Last Dance
Episode 6: Black Wind Howls
Episode 5: Carry Tiger to Mountain
Episode 4: Blind Cannibal Assassins
Episode 3: Leopard Snares Rabbit
Episode 2: Moon Rises, Raven Seeks
Episode 1: Enter the Phoenix
Episode 10: Wolf's Breath, Dragon Fire
Episode 9: Nightingale Sings No More
Episode 8: Sting of the Scorpion's Tail
Episode 7: Black Heart, White Mountain
Episode 6: Leopard Stalks in Snow
Episode 5: Monkey Leaps Through Mist
Episode 4: Palm of the Iron Fox
Episode 3: Red Sun, Silver Moon
Episode 2: Force of Eagle's Claw
Episode 1: Tiger Pushes Mountain
Episode 6: Hand of Five Poisons
Episode 5: Snake Creeps Down
Episode 4: Two Tigers Subdue Dragons
Episode 3: White Stork Spreads Wings
Episode 2: Fist Like a Bullet
Episode 1: The Fort