Iron Man: Armored Adventures (2008)


Genre: Animation , Action , Adventure , Family , Fantasy , Sci-fi

Plot: Iron Man: Armored Adventures is a 3D CGI cartoon series based on the Marvel Comics superhero Iron Man. It debuted in the USA on the Nicktoons on April 24, 2009, and has already begun airing on Canadian network Teletoon. Iron Man: Armored Adventures aired on Nickelodeon on July 4, 2009 until September 12, 2009. The series is story edited by showrunner Christopher Yost, who also worked on Wolverine and the X-Men, and numerous other Marvel Animation projects. The television show is not related to the 2007 animated film The Invincible Iron Man; It has a different voice cast, but some story elements are similar and the show uses the same musical score as the film in some instances. It is the first Iron Man television series since Iron Man from 1994–1996, and started airing after the success of the live action Iron Man film. The series follows the adventures of teenage child prodigy Tony Stark and his alter ego of Iron Man. As Iron Man, he uses his technological inventions to fight various similarly technologically advanced threats. His friends, James "Rhodey" Rhodes and Pepper Potts help him on his courageous, and dangerous adventures. Read More



Episode 26: The Makluan Invasion (2): Unite!
Episode 25: The Makluan Invasion (1): Annihilate!
Episode 24: The Dragonseed
Episode 23: Iron Monger Lives
Episode 22: Rage of the Hulk
Episode 21: The Hammer Falls
Episode 20: Doomsday
Episode 19: Iron Man 2099
Episode 18: Control-Alt-Delete
Episode 17: The X-Factor
Episode 16: Extremis
Episode 15: Hostile Takeover
Episode 14: Mandarin's Quest
Episode 13: Heavy Mettle
Episode 12: All the Best People Are Mad
Episode 11: Fugitive of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Episode 10: Enter Iron Monger
Episode 9: The Hawk and the Spider
Episode 8: Might of Doom
Episode 7: Titanium vs. Iron
Episode 6: Line of Fire
Episode 5: Armor Wars
Episode 4: Ghost in the Machine
Episode 3: Look into the Light
Episode 2: The Invincible Iron Man (2): Reborn!
Episode 1: The Invincible Iron Man - Part 1: Disassembled
Episode 26: Tales of Suspense - Part 2
Episode 25: Tales of Suspense - Part 1
Episode 24: Best Served Cold
Episode 23: Uncontrollable
Episode 22: Don't Worry, Be Happy
Episode 21: Designed Only for Chaos
Episode 20: World on Fire
Episode 19: Technovore
Episode 18: Pepper, Interrupted
Episode 17: Chasing Ghosts
Episode 16: Fun with Lasers
Episode 15: Panther's Prey
Episode 14: Man and Iron Man
Episode 13: Hide and Seek
Episode 12: Seeing Red
Episode 11: Masquerade
Episode 10: Ready, A.I.M., Fire
Episode 9: Ancient History 101
Episode 8: Field Trip
Episode 7: Meltdown
Episode 6: Iron Man vs. the Crimson Dynamo
Episode 5: Whiplash
Episode 4: Cold War
Episode 3: Secrets and Lies
Episode 2: Iron Forged in Fire - Part 2
Episode 1: Iron Forged in Fire - Part 1