Iron Resurrection (2016)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: No matter the type - busted bikes or rusted out roadsters - every vehicle deserves a second chance to shine. Outside Austin, Texas mechanical master Joe Martin, winner of Discovery Channel's "Biker Build-Off", his wife Amanda, his best friend Jayson "Shag" Arrington and their team at Martin Bros Customs are breathing life back into vehicles of all kinds, shapes and sizes. Part pickers, part wheeler dealers and part custom fabrication, each episode finds Shag and Amanda scouring the Texas countryside for hidden, unpolished mechanical gems to bring back to the shop for Joe and his crew. Amanda, the beauty and brains of Martin Bros Customs, keeps the jobs rolling out and the dollars rolling in with her uncanny knowledge of every backwoods shed and car lot in the state. While Shag, dubbed "the fastest mouth in the south," uses his gift for gab and marketing skills to get the best deals possible. Then it's back to Martin Bros Customs where Joe's small but mighty team of Shorty, Mike, Jason, Manny and Pompa work metal magic on Shag and Amanda's finds in order to turn Joe's vision for the unpolished gems into shiny, hot rod reality. In the end Shag works his magic with a new buyer to get the highest price for the revived Martin Bros Customs creation. Raising the dead is never easy, but together this Texas team of gearheads can restore any rusted pile of metal into the hottest cars and craziest choppers in the world. Read More

Next Episode 5x3 Date: Jun 23rd



Episode 10: Racin' Vega - Part 2
Episode 9: Racin' Vega
Episode 8: Frozen in Time
Episode 7: Some Assembly Required - Part 2
Episode 6: Some Assembly Required
Episode 5: Nova Overload - Part 2
Episode 4: Nova Overload
Episode 3: Tricked Out Trike
Episode 2: C10 Again
Episode 1: Truck Yeah
Episode 10: Brothers Nova, Part 2
Episode 9: Brothers Nova, Part 1
Episode 8: Ramble On
Episode 7: Chop Top, Part 2
Episode 6: Chop Top, Part 1
Episode 5: Flaming '56
Episode 3: Instant Classic
Episode 2: El Chili
Episode 1: Thundering C10
Episode 9: Champagne Super Nova
Episode 6: Good to Go GTO
Episode 1: Grim Reaper
Episode 6: Triple Black Cadillac
Episode 5: Hardcore Softail
Episode 3: Shaggin' Wagon
Episode 2: Lone Star Lincoln