It's Garry Shandling's Show. (1986)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: It's Garry Shandling's Show is an American sitcom which was initially broadcast on Showtime from 1986 to 1990. It was created by Garry Shandling and Alan Zweibel. The show is notable for its frequent use of breaking the fourth wall to allow characters to speak directly to the audience. Its format inspired Sean Hughes to create Sean's Show in the UK. Read More



Episode 18: The Talent Show
Episode 17: The Last Show
Episode 16: Mad at Brad
Episode 14: My Mother the Wife
Episode 13: Chester Gets a Show
Episode 12: Leonard Gets Metaphysical
Episode 11: Shandling vs. Mull
Episode 10: The Honeymoon Show
Episode 9: The Wedding Show
Episode 8: The Day Howard Moved In
Episode 7: Firehose
Episode 6: The Proposal
Episode 5: Dinner at Eddy King's House
Episode 4: SuperGrant
Episode 3: Nathan's Sheer Madness
Episode 2: Take My Wife, for Example
Episode 1: First Show of the Fourth Season
Episode 20: Worry Wart
Episode 19: Mum's the Word
Episode 18: Garry Goes Golfing
Episode 17: Going, Going, Gone
Episode 16: Big Brother
Episode 15: Grant Goes to the Dogs
Episode 14: Kramer vs. Grant
Episode 12: Ruth's Place
Episode 11: Mr. Peck's (3)
Episode 10: Mr. Peck's (2)
Episode 9: Mr. Peck's (1)
Episode 8: Vegas (2)
Episode 7: Vegas (1)
Episode 6: Home Sweet Home
Episode 4: Live Election Show
Episode 3: What's Happening to Me?
Episode 2: Pete's Got a Secret
Episode 1: Goin' Places
Episode 17: Mr. Smith Goes to Nam
Episode 16: Garry Falls Down a Hole
Episode 15: Go Go Goldblum
Episode 14: The Grant Shuffle
Episode 13: Save the Planet
Episode 12: Our Town
Episode 11: The Soccer Show
Episode 9: Killer Routine
Episode 7: Anjelica (2)
Episode 6: Anjelica (1)
Episode 5: Nancy Gets Amnesia
Episode 3: The Fugitive
Episode 1: Who's Poppa?
Episode 16: Force Boxman
Episode 15: Dinner with Garry
Episode 13: Laffie
Episode 12: Sarah
Episode 11: The Morning After
Episode 9: Pete Has an Affair
Episode 7: Garry Met a Girl Named Maria
Episode 6: It's Garry's Problem, But it's JoJo's Show
Episode 4: Foul Ball
Episode 3: Garry Throws a Surprise Party
Episode 2: Grant Gets Broken
Episode 1: The Day Garry Moved In