Jade Fever (2015)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Jade City is a remote highway stop in northern British Columbia with a community of 35 run by Claudia Bunce and her husband Robin. They mine a huge jade claim and they employ most of the people in town. If they and their Chinese investors strike it rich, everyone wins; if they fail, a whole town falls flat on its face. Read More



Episode 14: Mutiny On The Mountain
Episode 13: Between A Truck And A Hard Place
Episode 12: Christmas In August
Episode 11: Digging In
Episode 10: Panic Mode
Episode 9: Heavy Lifting
Episode 8: Deal Or No Deal?
Episode 7: Deal Breaker
Episode 6: Right Under Our Nose
Episode 5: Bad Brakes
Episode 4: Trans Mission
Episode 3: Down To The Wire
Episode 1: The Big Deal
Episode 14: Pushing the Limits
Episode 12: No Country for Cold Men
Episode 11: Risky Business
Episode 10: Playing with Fire
Episode 7: Running on Empty
Episode 6: Who's the Boss
Episode 5: It's My Party
Episode 3: Bunkhouse Blues
Episode 2: Nose for Jade
Episode 1: The Long and Grinding Road
Episode 14: We Found Jade
Episode 12: Shower Day
Episode 10: Battered And Bruised
Episode 9: Moving Day
Episode 7: Slipping Away
Episode 6: All Slice, No Dice
Episode 4: You're My Boy Blue
Episode 3: Tip Of The Iceberg
Episode 2: Hard Core
Episode 12: The Bunce Dynasty
Episode 11: The Big Fin
Episode 9: Slabs Of Jade
Episode 7: Shut Out
Episode 6: Eyes on the Prize
Episode 5: High Stakes Claim
Episode 4: Cutting Crew
Episode 3: Digging In
Episode 1: Hard Climb
Episode 15: Jaded
Episode 13: Code Brown
Episode 11: The Jade Whisperer
Episode 9: Sink, Sank, Sunk
Episode 8: Big Chunk of Green
Episode 7: Walk Hard
Episode 5: An Ounce of Hope
Episode 4: Loaded
Episode 2: Out in the Cold
Episode 1: Mountains to Climb
Episode 11: Down To The Wire
Episode 10: Out Of Bounds
Episode 5: Hide and Seek
Episode 4: Slippery Slope
Episode 3: The Long March
Episode 2: Got A Rope