Japanology Plus (2014)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Host Peter Barakan delves into various aspects of Japanese culture; exploring practices, history, and modern innovations in such areas as ramen, rice, sushi, geisha, bonsai, and so much more. Local experts discuss their passions at fascinating length, and American Japanophile Matt Alt experiences the food, practices, and cultures in each episode in depth. Viewers will finish each half hour episode with a new understanding of an area of Japanese life through demonstrative videos and explanations, all delivered respectfully and true to the Japanese way of life. Read More



Episode 27: Laundry Services
Episode 15: Monkeys
Episode 92: School Sports Days
Episode 77: Japanophiles: David E. Wells
Episode 76: Lighthouses
Episode 75: Deep-fried Food
Episode 70: Japanophiles: Bjorn Heiberg
Episode 67: Game Arcades
Episode 43: Capsule Toys