Jason of Star Command (1978)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Family , Sci-fi

Plot: Jason of Star Command is a live action television series by Filmation which ran between 1978 and 1981. The show revolved around the exploits of space adventurer Jason and his colleagues, including Professor E.J. Parsafoot and the pocket robot "Wiki". The show also starred Sid Haig as the evil Dragos, and, in the first season, James Doohan of Star Trek fame. Jason was a spin-off of another Filmation live action show called Space Academy, which starred another sci-fi luminary, Jonathan Harris of Lost in Space fame. Read More



Episode 12: Battle for Freedom
Episode 11: Mimi's Secret
Episode 10: Little Girl Lost
Episode 9: Phantom Force
Episode 8: Face to Face
Episode 7: Through the Stargate
Episode 6: The Power of the Star Disk
Episode 5: Secret of the Ancients
Episode 4: Beyond the Stars!
Episode 3: Web of the Star Witch
Episode 2: Frozen in Space
Episode 1: Mission to the Stars
Episode 16: The Victory of Star Command
Episode 15: The Trojan Horse
Episode 14: Peepo on Trial
Episode 13: Return of the Creature
Episode 12: Escape from Kesh
Episode 10: The Disappearing Man
Episode 9: Peepo's Last Chance
Episode 8: Attack of the Dragons
Episode 7: Marooned in Time
Episode 6: Planet of the Lost
Episode 5: Wiki to the Rescue
Episode 4: A Cry for Help
Episode 3: Escape from Dragos
Episode 2: Prisoner of Dragos
Episode 1: Attack of the Dragonship