Jekyll and Hyde (2015)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy

Plot: It's 1930s London and Robert Jekyll is a naive, sensitive young man finding his place in the world and moving away from the protection of his loving foster parents. As he begins to feel himself coming under the power of a darkness he cannot control, he realizes that all this time his parents were protecting him from his true self. Jekyll has inherited the curse of his grandfather, and when angered or in danger he undertakes a graphic and twisted transformation to become Hyde, a shadowy, brooding figure of incredible strength and agility; confident and fearless. As he tries to discover his past and search for a cure, Robert Jekyll is drawn deep into Hyde's world of monstrous creatures and freaks of nature. Read More



Episode 10: The Heart of Lord Trash
Episode 9: The Incubus
Episode 8: Moroli
Episode 7: The Reaper (2)
Episode 6: Spring Heeled Jack (1)
Episode 5: Black Dog
Episode 4: The Calyx
Episode 3: The Cutter
Episode 2: Mr Hyde
Episode 1: The Harbinger