Jonny Quest (1986) (1986)


Genre: Action , Animation , Family , Mystery , Sci-fi , Adventure

Plot: In this continuation of the original Jonny Quest series from the 60's, this 13-episode series aired in syndication as part of the Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera weekend cartoon package. The formula was basically the same as the original: Dr. Benton Quest and his long-time friend and aide "Race" Bannon, along with Quest's son Jonny and his friend Hadji Singh, investigate the upper threshold of science and the world of the paranormal, travelling the world and solving puzzles, locating hidden artifacts, battling evildoers such as the evil Dr. Zin, and escaping danger at every turn. The new series did some updating to the original: strong independent teenage girl Jessie Bradshaw was introduced in the fourth episode and became a member of the Quest team. The producers also added Hardrock, a stone-like warrior from deep beneath the Earth, who helped out the Quests. They also split the original Quest plane into two ships - Questor 2 attached to Questor 1 but could detach for 1-man missions as necessary. Read More



Episode 13: Skulduggery
Episode 12: Creeping Unknown
Episode 11: Temple of Gloom
Episode 10: The Scourge of Skyborg
Episode 9: Warlord of the Sky
Episode 8: Secret of the Clay Warriors
Episode 7: The Monolith Man
Episode 6: Vikong Lives
Episode 5: Forty Fathoms into Yesterday
Episode 4: Deadly Junket
Episode 3: Aliens Among Us
Episode 2: Nightmares of Steel
Episode 1: Peril of the Reptilian