Justified (2010)


Genre: Action , Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller , Western

Plot: U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens is a modern day nineteenth century-style lawman, enforcing his brand of justice in a way that puts a target on his back with criminals, and places him at odds with his bosses in the Marshal service. That conflict results in a reassignment for Givens to the U.S. District covering the town where he grew up. He is an anachronism, a tough, soft-spoken gentleman who finds his quarry fascinating, but never gives an inch. Dig under his placid skin and you'll find an angry man who grew up hard in rural Kentucky, with an outlaw father, who knows a lot more about who he doesn't want to be than who he really is. Read More



Episode 13: The Promise
Episode 12: Collateral
Episode 11: Fugitive Number One
Episode 10: Trust
Episode 9: Burned
Episode 8: Dark as a Dungeon
Episode 7: The Hunt
Episode 6: Alive Day
Episode 5: Sounding
Episode 4: The Trash and the Snake
Episode 3: Noblesse Oblige
Episode 2: Cash Game
Episode 1: Fate's Right Hand
Episode 13: Restitution
Episode 12: Starvation
Episode 11: The Toll
Episode 10: Weight
Episode 9: Wrong Roads
Episode 8: Whistle Past the Graveyard
Episode 7: Raw Deal
Episode 6: Kill the Messenger
Episode 5: Shot All to Hell
Episode 4: Over the Mountain
Episode 3: Good Intentions
Episode 2: The Kids Aren't All Right
Episode 1: A Murder of Crowes
Episode 13: Ghosts
Episode 12: Peace of Mind
Episode 11: Decoy
Episode 10: Get Drew
Episode 9: The Hatchet Tour
Episode 8: Outlaw
Episode 7: Money Trap
Episode 6: Foot Chase
Episode 5: Kin
Episode 4: This Bird Has Flown
Episode 3: Truth and Consequences
Episode 2: Where's Waldo?
Episode 1: Hole in the Wall
Episode 13: Slaughterhouse
Episode 12: Coalition
Episode 11: Measures
Episode 10: Guy Walks into a Bar
Episode 9: Loose Ends
Episode 8: Watching the Detectives
Episode 7: The Man Behind the Curtain
Episode 6: When the Guns Come Out
Episode 5: Thick as Mud
Episode 4: The Devil You Know
Episode 3: Harlan Roulette
Episode 2: Cut Ties
Episode 1: The Gunfighter
Episode 13: Bloody Harlan
Episode 12: Reckoning
Episode 11: Full Commitment
Episode 10: Debts and Accounts
Episode 9: Brother's Keeper
Episode 8: The Spoil
Episode 7: Save My Love
Episode 6: Blaze of Glory
Episode 5: Cottonmouth
Episode 4: For Blood or Money
Episode 3: The I of the Storm
Episode 2: The Life Inside
Episode 1: The Moonshine War
Episode 13: Bulletville
Episode 12: Fathers and Sons
Episode 11: Veterans
Episode 10: The Hammer
Episode 9: Hatless
Episode 8: Blowback
Episode 7: Blind Spot
Episode 6: The Collection
Episode 5: The Lord of War and Thunder
Episode 4: Long in the Tooth
Episode 3: Fixer
Episode 2: Riverbrook
Episode 1: Fire in the Hole