Killing Eve (2018)


Genre: Action , Adventure , Drama , Thriller , Na

Plot: Eve is a bored, whip-smart security services operative whose desk-bound job doesn't fulfill her fantasies of being a spy. Villanelle is a talented killer, who clings to the luxuries her violent job affords her. These two fierce women, equally obsessed with each other, will go head to head in an epic game of cat and mouse, toppling the typical spy-action thriller. Read More



Episode 8: Are You Leading or Am I?
Episode 7: Beautiful Monster
Episode 6: End of Game
Episode 5: Are You From Pinner?
Episode 4: Still Got It
Episode 3: Meetings Have Biscuits
Episode 2: Management Sucks
Episode 1: Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey
Episode 8: You're Mine
Episode 7: Wide Awake
Episode 6: I Hope You Like Missionary!
Episode 5: Smell Ya Later
Episode 4: Desperate Times
Episode 3: The Hungry Caterpillar
Episode 2: Nice and Neat
Episode 1: Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?
Episode 8: God, I'm Tired
Episode 7: I Don't Want To Be Free
Episode 6: Take Me to the Hole!
Episode 5: I Have a Thing About Bathrooms
Episode 4: Sorry Baby
Episode 3: Don't I Know You?
Episode 2: I'll Deal With Him Later
Episode 1: Nice Face