Knife Fight (2010)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Don't worry, this show isn't as violent as the title makes it appear. These "knife fights" take place after hours in the kitchen of The Gorbals, a downtown Los Angeles restaurant owned by show host and former "Top Chef'' winner Ilan Hall. Each episode features two culinary battles -- billed as the undercard and the title bout -- with each pitting two of the city's most exciting chefs against each other in a competition during which they must make at least two dishes in one hour using a combination of two or three secret ingredients. Joining the combatants in the kitchen is a rowdy crowd of friends, family, celebrities and restaurant critics who cheer and heckle the chefs during the tense battle. Judging each battle is a three-person panel that includes Hall and two rotating spots featuring celebrities and food experts. Because this is a televised competition series, there must be a big prize for the winners, right? No. To paraphrase Hall, it's all about a genuine love of food. Read More



Episode 24: Crickets
Episode 23: 1,000-Year-Old Egg
Episode 22: Live Spot Prawns
Episode 21: Silke Chicken
Episode 20: Calfs Liver
Episode 19: Whole Spring Lamb
Episode 18: Flying Fish
Episode 17: Live Halibut
Episode 16: Skate
Episode 15: Whole Goose
Episode 14: Eels
Episode 13: Octopus
Episode 12: Beef Forequarter
Episode 11: Sea Cucumber
Episode 10: Bison
Episode 9: Live Scallops
Episode 8: Blood
Episode 7: Pig Ears
Episode 6: Sweetbreads
Episode 5: Sea Snails
Episode 4: Cardoons
Episode 3: Live King Crab
Episode 2: Oxtails
Episode 1: Whole Pig