Knight Squad (2018)


Genre: Adventure , Comedy , Family , Fantasy

Plot: There is only one place in the magical land of Astoria where the young and fearless can train to become elite warriors - Knight School. Meet Ciara, the fierce star student who is hiding a colossal secret - she is the royal princess in disguise. Things only get crazier at school when Arc, the cocky new kid, strolls in with a pretty big secret of his own. This unlikely pair will have to team up if they want to become legendary knights. Ciara, Arc, and their friends hope to outshine the school's other squads for the honor of one day representing Astoria in battle. But in this fantastical kingdom full of powerful beasts, magical spells, and some frenemies, that might be harder than they think. Read More



Episode 12: A Thief in the Knight (part 1)
Episode 11: Working on the Knight Moves
Episode 10: Wish I May, Wish I Knight
Episode 9: Do the Knight Thing
Episode 8: Parent Teacher Knight
Episode 7: A Knight's Tail
Episode 6: Tonight, Two Knight
Episode 5: The Dork Knight Returns
Episode 4: One Magical Knight
Episode 3: Knight in Shining Armor Day
Episode 2: A Knight at the Roxbury
Episode 1: Opening Knight