Kojak (1973)


Genre: Action , Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller

Plot: Kojak is an American television series starring Telly Savalas as the title character, bald New York City Police Department Detective Lieutenant Theo Kojak. Taking the time slot of the popular Cannon series, which was moved one hour earlier it aired on CBS from October 24, 1973, to March 18, 1978. In 1999 TV Guide ranked Theo Kojak number 18 on its 50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time list. Read More



Episode 22: In Full Command
Episode 21: 60 Miles to Hell
Episode 20: Photo Must Credit Joe Paxton
Episode 19: May the Horse Be With You
Episode 18: The Halls of Terror
Episode 17: No License to Kill
Episode 16: The Captain's Brother's Wife
Episode 15: Chain of Custody
Episode 14: Mouse
Episode 13: Justice for All
Episode 12: I Could Kill My Wife's Lawyer
Episode 11: Case Without a File
Episode 10: The Summer of '69 (2)
Episode 9: The Summer of '69 (1)
Episode 8: Tears for All Who Love Her
Episode 7: Letters of Death
Episode 6: Caper on a Quiet Street
Episode 5: Once More from Birdland
Episode 4: Cry for the Kids
Episode 3: Laid Off
Episode 2: A Strange Kind of Love
Episode 1: The Queen of Hearts is Wild
Episode 23: Lady in the Squad Room
Episode 22: Kiss it All Goodbye
Episode 21: Monkey on a String
Episode 20: Kojak's Days (2)
Episode 19: Kojak's Days (1)
Episode 18: I Was Happy Where I Was
Episode 17: When You Hear the Beep, Drop Dead
Episode 16: The Condemned
Episode 15: The Godson
Episode 13: Where Do You Go When You Have No Place to Go?
Episode 12: Black Thorn
Episode 11: The Pride and the Princess
Episode 10: A Shield for Murder (2)
Episode 9: A Shield for Murder (1)
Episode 8: By Silence Betrayed
Episode 7: A Hair-Trigger Away
Episode 6: An Unfair Trade
Episode 5: A Need to Know
Episode 4: Out of the Shadows
Episode 3: Law Dance
Episode 2: A Summer Madness
Episode 1: Birthday Party
Episode 24: A Grave Too Soon
Episode 23: Both Sides of the Law
Episode 22: Justice Deferred
Episode 21: Deadly Innocence
Episode 20: The Frame
Episode 19: Bad Dude
Episode 18: A Wind from Corsica
Episode 17: On the Edge
Episode 16: The Forgotten Room
Episode 15: How Cruel the Frost, How Bright the Stars
Episode 14: A House of Prayer, a Den of Thieves
Episode 13: Money Back Guarantee
Episode 12: A Long Way from Times Square
Episode 11: No Immunity for Murder
Episode 10: The Nicest Guys on the Block
Episode 9: Over the Water
Episode 7: Life, Liberation, and the Pursuit of Death
Episode 6: Secret Snow, Deadly Snow
Episode 5: Be Careful What You Pray For
Episode 4: Sweeter Than Life
Episode 3: My Brother, My Enemy
Episode 2: A Question of Answers (2)
Episode 1: A Question of Answers (1)
Episode 25: I Want to Report a Dream
Episode 24: The Trade-Off
Episode 23: Two-Four-Six for Two Hundred
Episode 22: Unwanted Partners
Episode 21: The Good Luck Bomber
Episode 20: Elegy in an Asphalt Graveyard
Episode 19: Night of the Piraeus
Episode 18: Queen of the Gypsies
Episode 17: Acts of Desperate Men
Episode 16: Close Cover Before Killing
Episode 15: Loser Takes All
Episode 14: The Betrayal
Episode 13: Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die
Episode 12: The Best War in Town
Episode 11: A Killing in the Second House
Episode 10: A Souvenir from Atlantic City
Episode 9: The Best Judge Money Can Buy
Episode 8: You Can't Tell a Hurt Man How to Holler
Episode 7: Nursemaid
Episode 6: Slay Ride
Episode 5: Wall Street Gunslinger
Episode 4: A Very Deadly Game
Episode 3: Hush Now, Don't You Die
Episode 2: The Chinatown Murders (2)
Episode 1: The Chinatown Murders (1)
Episode 22: The Only Way Out
Episode 21: Therapy in Dynamite
Episode 20: Mojo
Episode 19: Down a Long and Lonely River
Episode 18: Dead on His Feet
Episode 17: Before the Devil Knows
Episode 16: Eighteen Hours of Fear
Episode 15: Deliver Us Some Evil
Episode 14: Die Before They Wake
Episode 13: Death is Not a Passing Grade
Episode 12: Last Rites for a Dead Priest
Episode 11: Marker to a Dead Bookie
Episode 10: Cop in a Cage
Episode 9: Conspiracy of Fear
Episode 8: Dark Sunday
Episode 7: The Corrupter
Episode 6: Requiem for a Cop
Episode 5: Girl in the River
Episode 4: Knockover
Episode 3: One for the Morgue
Episode 2: Web of Death
Episode 1: Siege of Terror