LEGO City Adventures (2019)


Genre: Animation , Short , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Family

Plot: Most LEGO television series and specials deal in the realms of the fantastic: high-flying superheroes, battling ninja, anthropomorphic animals, space rebels, rampaging dinosaurs - you get the idea. This CG-animated series, set in the sprawling and diverse LEGO City metropolis, instead focuses on characters who are much more down-to-earth and whose work helps bring the community to life. Among the ordinary residents thrust into extraordinary adventures are overly heroic cop Sgt. Duke DeTain, crisis-ready fire Chief Freya McCloud, grumpy street sweeper Shirley Keeper, eager handyman Harl Hubbs, dedicated city Mayor Solomon Fleck and skateboarding police Chief Percival "Wheelie" Wheeler. Read More



Episode 2: To Cop or Not to Cop
Episode 8: Fendrich In The Wild
Episode 7: Doorman of the City
Episode 6: Meet Harl Hubbs
Episode 5: Race to the Top
Episode 4: Father's Day Parade
Episode 3: Sky Police
Episode 2: Billy the Bug
Episode 1: Cubs and Robbers