LEGO Masters (AU) (2019)


Genre: Game-show , Reality-tv

Plot: Eight pairs of Brick heads are pitted against each other in a quest to impress with their creativity, design and flair, driven by their unparalleled passion for the possibilities that will start with a single LEGO brick. Read More



Episode 13: Out on a Limb (Elimination)
Episode 11: Heroic Moment of Impact
Episode 10: Race / Dream Home (Elimination)
Episode 9: Arcade Game
Episode 8: Four Seasons (Elimination)
Episode 7: Will They Fly? / Kale Scale (Elimination)
Episode 6: Cut In Half (Elimination)
Episode 5: Hero's Quest
Episode 4: Fantastical Beasts / Mission to Mars (Elimination)
Episode 2: Castles and Cannonballs
Episode 1: Stop In Your Tracks
Episode 11: Grand Finale
Episode 10: Smash and Grab / Night and Day (Elimination)
Episode 8: Star Wars
Episode 6: 3D Art (Elimination)
Episode 5: Make 'n' Shake
Episode 4: The Tower (Elimination)
Episode 3: Fairy Tale (Elimination)
Episode 2: Hero Shot
Episode 1: Whole New World
Episode 5: The Bridge
Episode 1: Mega City