Lie to Me (2009)


Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery , Thriller

Plot: A cynical researcher who's made a profession of interpreting facial expressions and body language to determine whether someone is telling the truth heads up a consulting firm that includes a perceptive, optimistic female clinical psychologist on whom he harbors a secret crush, a former TSA screener who can spot smugglers and a young man unable to tell a lie. Together, they help solve mysteries for the police and the FBI as well as their private clients. Read More



Episode 13: Killer App
Episode 12: Gone
Episode 11: Saved
Episode 10: Rebound
Episode 9: Funhouse
Episode 8: Smoked
Episode 7: Veronica
Episode 6: Beyond Belief
Episode 5: The Canary's Song
Episode 4: Double Blind
Episode 3: Dirty Loyal
Episode 2: The Royal We
Episode 1: In The Red
Episode 22: Black and White
Episode 21: Darkness and Light
Episode 20: Exposed
Episode 19: Pied Piper
Episode 18: Headlock
Episode 17: Bullet Bump
Episode 16: Delinquent
Episode 15: Teacher and Pupils
Episode 14: React to Contact
Episode 13: The Whole Truth
Episode 12: Sweet Sixteen
Episode 11: Beat the Devil
Episode 10: Tractor Man
Episode 9: Fold Equity
Episode 8: Secret Santa
Episode 7: Black Friday
Episode 6: Lack of Candor
Episode 5: Grievous Bodily Harm
Episode 4: Honey
Episode 3: Control Factor
Episode 2: Truth or Consequences
Episode 1: The Core of It
Episode 13: Sacrifice
Episode 12: Blinded
Episode 11: Undercover
Episode 10: Better Half
Episode 9: Life is Priceless
Episode 8: Depraved Heart
Episode 7: The Best Policy
Episode 6: Do No Harm
Episode 5: Unchained
Episode 4: Love Always
Episode 3: A Perfect Score
Episode 2: Moral Waiver
Episode 1: Pilot