Made in a Day (2020)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: There's been a revolution in manufacturing and international logistics in the last 10 years. What used to take a month to make and deliver now takes just a day and nowhere is this more evident than in the USA - an economic powerhouse at the heart of the global economy. In this brand-new series, we unveil the incredible scale and human ingenuity behind the manufacture and transportation of some of America's biggest, global brands. Read More



Episode 12: Hot Sauce
Episode 11: Airplane Meals
Episode 10: Space Rockets
Episode 9: Satellites
Episode 8: SUVs
Episode 7: Tractors
Episode 6: Whiskey
Episode 5: Sneakers
Episode 4: Fire Trucks
Episode 3: Helicopters
Episode 2: Electric Guitars
Episode 1: Electric Cars