Man About the House (1973)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Man about the house is a British sitcom starring John Carlin, Norman Eshley, Doug Fisher, Yootha Joyce, Roy Kinnear, Brian Murphy, Richard O'Sullivan, Sally Thomsett, and Paula Wilcox that was broadcast for six series on ITV from 15 August 1973 to 7 April 1976. It was created and written by Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer. The series was considered daring at the time due to its subject matter of a man sharing a flat with two single women. It was made by Thames Television and recorded at their Teddington studios. Two spin-off series were later made: George and Mildred and Robin's nest. In 2004, it came 69th in a poll to find Britain's best sitcom. The series was remade in the United States as Three's company in 1977. A film version was released in 1974. Read More



Episode 7: Another Bride, Another Groom
Episode 6: Fire Down Below
Episode 5: Mum Always Liked You Best
Episode 4: The Sunshine Boys
Episode 3: The Generation Game
Episode 2: One More for the Pot
Episode 1: The Party's Over
Episode 6: Come Fly with Me
Episode 5: How Does Your Garden Grow?
Episode 4: Love and Let Love
Episode 3: A Little Knowledge
Episode 2: Right Said George
Episode 1: The Last Picture Show
Episode 6: My Son, My Son
Episode 5: The Tender Trap
Episode 4: Never Give Your Real Name
Episode 3: All in the Game
Episode 2: One for the Road
Episode 1: Home & Away
Episode 7: Three of a Kind
Episode 6: We Shall Not Be Moved
Episode 5: Somebody Out There Likes Me
Episode 4: Of Mice and Women
Episode 3: I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me ...
Episode 2: Come into My Parlour
Episode 1: Cuckoo in the Nest
Episode 6: Carry Me Back to Old Southampton
Episode 5: Two Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
Episode 4: Did You Ever Meet Rommel?
Episode 3: In Praise of Older Men
Episode 2: Colour Me Yellow
Episode 1: While the Cat's Away
Episode 7: No Children, No Dogs
Episode 6: Match of the Day
Episode 5: It's Only Money
Episode 4: And Then There Were Two
Episode 3: Some Enchanted Evening
Episode 2: And Mother Makes Four
Episode 1: Three's a Crowd