Marco Polo (2014) (2014)


Genre: Adventure , Drama , History

Plot: An epic adventure that follows the early years of the famous explorer as he travels the exotic Silk Road to the great Kublai Khan’s court. But Marco soon finds that navigating the Khan’s world of greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue and rivalry will be his greatest challenge yet, even as he becomes a trusted companion to the Khan in his violent quest to become the Emperor of the World. Read More



Episode 10: The Fellowship
Episode 9: Heirs
Episode 8: Whitehorse
Episode 7: Lost Crane
Episode 6: Serpent's Terms
Episode 5: Lullaby
Episode 4: Let God's Work Begin
Episode 3: Measure Against the Linchpin
Episode 2: Hug
Episode 1: Hunter and the Sable Weaver
Episode 10: The Heavenly and Primal
Episode 9: Prisoners
Episode 8: Rendering
Episode 7: The Scholar's Pen
Episode 6: White Moon
Episode 5: Hashshashin
Episode 4: The Fourth Step
Episode 3: Feast
Episode 2: The Wolf and the Deer
Episode 1: The Wayfarer