Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party (2016)


Genre: Talk-show

Plot: The Queen of Cuisine and the King of Kush are coming together to invite their celebrity friends over for a little potluck fun. Games, recipes and musical guests. It's guaranteed to have everyone buzzing. Read More



Episode 9: Championship Chow Down
Episode 8: Holiday Frost Fight
Episode 7: #Friendsgiving Face-Off
Episode 6: Halloween Food Fight
Episode 5: Block Party
Episode 4: Father's Day Food Fight
Episode 2: Mother of All Brunches
Episode 1: 4/20 Munchie Snackdown
Episode 20: Spicing It Up
Episode 19: Stackin' My Bread
Episode 18: Taj Ma-Holler
Episode 17: Let's Bayou Dinner
Episode 16: Pasta La Vista, Baby!
Episode 15: In The Mood
Episode 14: Wok This Way
Episode 13: Return of the Mac N Cheese
Episode 12: Grilled Muncheese
Episode 11: Shell Of A Good Time
Episode 10: Gettin' Veggie With It
Episode 9: What's Your Beef?
Episode 8: Joy To The Wizorld!
Episode 7: Getting Some Tongue
Episode 6: Bon Appetizzle
Episode 4: Let's Get Roasted
Episode 3: Keepin’ It Crunk
Episode 10: Makin’ That Dough
Episode 9: Keepin’ It In The Family
Episode 8: High On The Hog
Episode 7: They Got Game
Episode 6: Something Fishy
Episode 5: Deck The Balls
Episode 4: Bringing Home The Bacon
Episode 3: Ruffling Feathers
Episode 2: Keep Your Claws Off Me
Episode 1: Putting The Pot In Potluck