MatPat's Game Lab (2016)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: MatPat of The Game Theorists Youtube channel puts game mechanics to the test in real life with the help of experts alongside fellow Youtubers. After some training, they compete to see who can conquer the game's challenges. Read More



Episode 9: Gamers Tell All! - GAME LAB Behind The Scenes
Episode 8: The Science of Sword Fighting! (For Honor)
Episode 7: Are YOU Being HACKED? (Watch Dogs 2)
Episode 6: OSTRICH JOCKEYS?! (Final Fantasy XV)
Episode 5: Surviving Five Nights of FEAR!
Episode 4: DON'T GET CAUGHT! Stealthing like Metal Gear Solid
Episode 3: Can Gamers Defuse BOMBS? ft. Game Grumps (Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes)
Episode 2: Soccer + Cars = AWESOME (Rocket League)
Episode 1: Can Gamers SURVIVE the Real Mirror's Edge?