Mega Machines (2018)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Mega Machines unlocks the secrets of iconic machines, such as roller coasters, bullet trains, and cargo planes. Transforming our understanding of the machines around us, the series goes inside, under, over, and through them, revealing how they were built, how they work, and more. Read More



Episode 10: Secrets of the Race Car
Episode 8: Speed Demon Super Ship
Episode 7: Monster Helicopter
Episode 6: Titan of the Mountains
Episode 5: Worlds First Flying Car
Episode 4: Monster Tanker
Episode 3: World's Fastest Boats
Episode 2: Cruise Ship Declassified
Episode 1: Goliath of the Sky
Episode 9: World's Greatest Hovercraft
Episode 8: Rise of the Bullet Train
Episode 7: Goliath of the Outback
Episode 6: Arctic Icebreaker
Episode 1: Superhero Helicopter