Miami Ink (2005)


Genre: Documentary , Reality-tv

Plot: Miami INK takes viewers into the inside world of tattooing. From the shop, to the artists, and their clients. Get an in depth look at the emotional stories behind the tattoos and the meaning people attach to them. People from all walks of life come for tattoos, from punk rock, to South Beach socialites, to celebrities. The series follows four master artists, Ami James, the tough guy of the bunch, Chris Garver, Darren Brass, Chris Nunez, and the apprentice Yojiro Harada. Ami, Darren, Chris, and Garver met ten years ago when they all studied in Miami under the world famous tattoo artist, the late Lou Sciberras. During their apprenticeship they all lived and worked together becoming the best of friends. Eventually they went their separate ways and opened up their own tattoo parlors in Los Angeles, New York, Connecticut, and South Beach. Their dream was to one day reunite and open their own tattoo parlor together as partners. Read More



Episode 13: Bella Boot Camp
Episode 12: Nobody Likes a Quitter
Episode 11: Family Values Tour
Episode 10: Yoji's Big Move
Episode 9: Shop Party
Episode 8: Battle of the Apprentices
Episode 7: Garver's Injury
Episode 6: The Car Star
Episode 5: Von D Family Bonding
Episode 4: A Disgruntled Yoji
Episode 3: History of the Circus Sideshow
Episode 2: The Jeep
Episode 1: Sink or Swim
Episode 13: Bye-Bye Bridgette
Episode 12: Kat & Ami Tattoo the Troops
Episode 11: Lloyd Banks and the Rotten Apple
Episode 10: Kat's Niche
Episode 9: Ami's Bad Side
Episode 8: Kat: A Fish Out Of Water
Episode 7: Garver's Ultimatum
Episode 6: Kat The Party Machine
Episode 5: We're All Family
Episode 4: The Ultimate Job Interview
Episode 3: Woman In a Man's World
Episode 2: Saver or Spender
Episode 1: Yoji's Initiation
Episode 9: Goodbye Freedom
Episode 8: Rock 'n' Roll All Night
Episode 7: While Ami's Away
Episode 6: The Ink That Binds
Episode 5: Party All the Time
Episode 4: Kat's Return, Ami's Ride
Episode 3: Step Up or Step Out
Episode 2: Weathering the Storm
Episode 1: More Money, More Problems
Episode 9: Kat's in the Groove
Episode 8: Bad Break
Episode 7: Going for the Gold
Episode 6: The Family
Episode 5: The Apprentice
Episode 4: Growing Up
Episode 3: In Memory Of...
Episode 2: Never Forget
Episode 1: Five Friends