Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peace (2016)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: A super pure tragicomedy rosary of pious prayers bringing unity, joy, and excellent living to the people of all sizes, sexualities, and colors. World Peace will unlock your closeted bigoted imagination, toss your inherent racism into the burning trash, and cleanse your intolerant spirit with pure unapologetic American funny_com. Open your eyes or you'll get thumb goggles. For what naive slob expects hemlock medicine to taste of milkshake? For the record, none of us plan on killing ourselves and if we do it’s CIA_Mossad. Read More



Episode 6: You Hate This Show Because You Hate Yourself
Episode 5: Not Everyone Thinks You're a Hero
Episode 4: Mad at Dad? GOMAD for Chad MGTOW
Episode 3: 3 Down 47 to Go Countdown to Mass Funeral
Episode 1: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe