Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (2006)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Million Dollar Listing follows the lives of three of Los Angeles' hottest, young and aggressive real estate magnates in the making as they make a fortune selling multi-million dollar properties in the most exclusive neighborhoods – Hollywood, Malibu and Beverly Hills. The series follows these top agents over the course of nine months as their paths cross and they compete and expose the intense work that it takes to move the hottest listings in the City of Angels. Read More



Episode 12: Hollywood Royalty
Episode 11: One for the 'Gram
Episode 10: Medieval Time Machine
Episode 9: Swedish Invasion
Episode 8: 24 Hours or Else
Episode 7: Flagg It or Bag It
Episode 6: Ze Plane, Ze Plane!
Episode 5: Storm the Castle
Episode 4: Altman Versus Fredrik
Episode 3: Rock and a Hard Price
Episode 2: Razor's Edge
Episode 1: Altman and Flagg's Co-List
Episode 12: Indecent Proposal
Episode 11: Dubai It
Episode 10: Naked in the Backyard
Episode 9: Hell or High Water
Episode 8: Brother Dearest
Episode 7: Failure to Launch
Episode 6: Pony Up
Episode 5: Send It to Viral
Episode 4: Rumble In The 90210
Episode 3: Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Episode 2: The Good Fight
Episode 1: The Struggle Is Real
Episode 12: Unfinished Business
Episode 11: Love and Listings
Episode 10: Keys to the Castle
Episode 9: Mile High Club
Episode 8: It Wasn't in My Budget!
Episode 7: Who's Your Daddy?
Episode 6: Homewood's Where the Heart Is
Episode 5: Two Tops Never Work
Episode 4: Hashtag Sell This Bitch!
Episode 3: Unchartered Territory
Episode 2: A Tantalizing Offer
Episode 1: She's A Boss
Episode 12: Best and Final
Episode 11: Co-List From Hell
Episode 10: Surf vs Turf
Episode 9: Turn & Burn
Episode 8: Nightmare on Altman Street
Episode 3: The Upside of Teardowns
Episode 2: Dinner Party Disaster
Episode 9: Reality Bites
Episode 8: All Business, No Pleasure
Episode 5: Flagg vs. Serhant
Episode 2: English Beat Down
Episode 1: The Lads Take L.A.
Episode 10: Closing Deals and Opening Doors
Episode 9: Big Listings, Big Losses
Episode 8: Shark Out of Water
Episode 7: Broker Blowout
Episode 6: Sacked By the Money Man
Episode 5: No Crying in Real Estate
Episode 4: Let's (Not) Make a Deal
Episode 3: I Got the Listing and I Got the Girl
Episode 2: Betrayal Between Brokers
Episode 1: Ballooning Assets
Episode 9: Good Buys and Goodbyes
Episode 8: Betrayal in the Real Estate Biz
Episode 7: Going to the Dogs
Episode 6: Billionaire Buyer
Episode 5: Sleeping with the Enemy
Episode 4: Sparks Fly
Episode 3: Seeing Double
Episode 2: No Guarantees in the Real Estate Game
Episode 1: Bad Market for Mansions
Episode 9: Busted Dreams and Busted Homes
Episode 8: In Real Estate Everything's Personal
Episode 7: Million Dollar Wild Swan Chase
Episode 6: Sweet Deals and Icing on the Cake
Episode 5: Looking to Score in Malibu
Episode 4: Jumping Through Hoops for a Signature
Episode 3: Dolphins, Rats and Next Door Neighbors
Episode 2: Big Numbers, Small Deals
Episode 1: No One is Recession-Proof
Episode 6: Epiphanies
Episode 5: Showdowns
Episode 4: Dire Buyers
Episode 3: Business and Pleasure
Episode 2: Mondo Condo
Episode 1: Sellers from Hell
Episode 6: Three's a Crowd
Episode 5: Relationship Negotiation
Episode 4: Deals, Discounts and Potential Disaster
Episode 3: Trouble in Paradise
Episode 2: Co-Listers Can't Be Choosers
Episode 1: The Ultimate Luxury Playground