Mr. Bean (1990)


Genre: Comedy , Family

Plot: The opening credits show Mr. Bean being dropped from the heavens fully grown, and it certainly seems that way. He has a complete ignorance of how to do many simple tasks, but is also incredibly creative and usually can come up with a solution to any problem that a smarter man would never think of. Driving around in a Mini with his faithful teddy bear, he also has a nasty habit of knocking over three-wheeled cars... Read More



Episode 14: Hair by Mr. Bean of London
Episode 13: Goodnight Mr. Bean
Episode 12: Tee Off, Mr. Bean
Episode 11: Back to School Mr. Bean
Episode 10: Mind the Baby, Mr. Bean
Episode 9: Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean
Episode 8: Mr. Bean in Room 426
Episode 7: Merry Christmas Mr. Bean
Episode 6: Mr. Bean Rides Again
Episode 5: The Trouble with Mr. Bean
Episode 4: Mr. Bean Goes to Town
Episode 3: The Curse of Mr. Bean
Episode 2: The Return of Mr. Bean
Episode 1: Mr. Bean