Mulberry (1992)


Genre: Comedy , Fantasy

Plot: This strange yet unique and enchanting British Comedy is set in rural England and the manor of the spinster Miss Rose Farnaby, a cantankerous and lonely lady nearing the end of her life. Over the years a distrust has developed between Miss Farnaby and her staff of Bert and Alice Finch. Bert is the gardener and grounds keeper and his wife Alice serves as the cook and housekeeper. Even though they and Miss Farnaby grew up together at the manor, a gap has continued to widen in their relationship. Miss Farnaby, thinking that their loyalty is only an effort to insure she will leave them a good pension when she passes on, while they think she is distancing herself in order to cut them out of her will completely. Into this situation comes Mulberry, the strange and mysterious new companion for Miss Farnaby, who turns everyone's lives upside down by his wit, his manner, and his determination to "change the old routine" and make the gloomy manor a fun place to live. Read More



Episode 7: An Unexpected Visit
Episode 6: A Musical Evening
Episode 5: A Mysterious Guest
Episode 4: The Art Class
Episode 3: The Matchmaker
Episode 2: The Accident
Episode 1: Springtime
Episode 6: Leaving
Episode 5: The Dinner Party
Episode 4: The Holiday
Episode 3: The Quiz
Episode 2: Fireworks
Episode 1: Arrival