Murder Chose Me (2017)


Genre: Crime

Plot: Rod Demery's destiny was sealed at the age of 3. That's when his mother was murdered, and Demery would come to realize that he wanted to protect people who couldn't protect themselves. He did so by serving for 14 years as a Shreveport, La., homicide detective, working on more than 250 cases and solving each of the 60-plus investigations on which he was lead detective. In ``Murder Chose Me,'' Demery reflects on his stellar career, guiding viewers through first-person storytelling that weaves his uniquely tragic personal connection to the story of each homicide he solved. Read More



Episode 9: The Man Behind the Mosque
Episode 8: Too Close to Home
Episode 7: Red Flags
Episode 6: The Passenger
Episode 5: Trapped in Place
Episode 4: Blood Money
Episode 3: Unnatural Causes
Episode 2: Loose Cannon
Episode 1: Road to Ruin
Episode 10: Empire of Blood
Episode 9: How to Close a Homicide
Episode 8: Fair Game
Episode 7: The Yellow House on Kent Street
Episode 6: Follow the Leader
Episode 5: Lost Boys
Episode 4: American Nightmare
Episode 3: Party Crashers
Episode 2: Bloodbath in the Bottoms
Episode 1: Damsel in Distress
Episode 10: Dreams of My Mother
Episode 9: Deadliest Sin
Episode 8: My First Homicide
Episode 7: Domino Effect
Episode 6: Snake Eyes
Episode 5: The Woman in the Leopard Print Dress
Episode 4: Looking For Love
Episode 2: The Boogie Man