My Big Fat Fabulous Life (2015)


Genre: Reality-tv

Plot: Whitney Thore was once a slender dancer, but over the course of just one year at college she gained 200 pounds due to a rare condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. My Big Fat Fabulous Life focuses on Whitney’s life, her one-of-a-kind family and her friends. Deep down, she is just an average girl from small town North Carolina trying to find her way in a world that judges people by their size. Now 380 pounds, Whitney has a fresh outlook on life. Read More



Episode 15: The Skinny
Episode 14: Big Fat Baby News
Episode 13: Big Fat Brawl
Episode 12: Whitney Gets Her Groove Back
Episode 11: Weight-Loss Surgery
Episode 10: A Big Fat Ultimatum
Episode 9: The Buddy System
Episode 8: Sink or Swim
Episode 7: Sex, Lies and Sandwiches
Episode 6: Whitney Confronts Chase
Episode 5: My Big Fat Broken Heart
Episode 4: Safer at Home
Episode 3: Slipping Through My Fingers
Episode 2: Whitney's Long-Distance Relationship
Episode 13: Engagement Party
Episode 12: A Big Fat Proposal
Episode 11: A Fat Girl in Paris
Episode 9: Amends Between Friends
Episode 6: Whitney Meets the Parents
Episode 4: Friends with Benefits
Episode 3: Big Fat Moves
Episode 2: Whit's New Man
Episode 13: Game Night
Episode 12: Whitney and Buddy Get Serious
Episode 10: Where's Buddy Sleeping
Episode 8: Obsessive Habits
Episode 6: Fat Hating is Real
Episode 5: Buddy's New Girl
Episode 5: How Low Can Whit Go?
Episode 3: Baby Fat
Episode 2: Immaculate Misconception