My Name Is Earl (2005)


Genre: Comedy

Plot: Earl Hickey's life has been full of poor choices and mistakes, and upon discovering that he is the holder of a winning lottery ticket, Earl is hit by a car and the ticket blows out of his hand as he lies unconscious in the street. While recovering in the hospital and watching television, Earl has a karmic epiphany, thanks to Carson Daly, who attributes his success to doing good for others. A light bulb goes on in Earl's dim head, and he sets out to right every wrong he has done. He will turn his good fortune into a life changing event, as he sets out to right all the wrongs from his past. Despite his seemingly limited intelligence, he is oddly effective and has a voice and style of his own. Read More



Episode 27: Dodge's Dad
Episode 26: Inside Probe: Part 2
Episode 25: Inside Probe: Part 1
Episode 24: Gospel
Episode 23: Bullies
Episode 22: Pinky
Episode 21: Witch Lady
Episode 20: Chaz Dalton's Space Academy
Episode 19: My Name is Alias
Episode 18: Friends with Benefits
Episode 17: Randy's List Item
Episode 16: Darnell Outed: Part 2
Episode 15: Darnell Outed: Part 1
Episode 14: Got the Babysitter Pregnant
Episode 13: Orphan Earl
Episode 12: Reading Is A Fundamental Case
Episode 11: Nature's Game Show
Episode 10: Earl and Joy's Anniversary
Episode 9: Sold a Guy a Lemon Car
Episode 8: Little Bad Voodoo Brother
Episode 7: Quit Your Snitchin'
Episode 6: We've Got Spirit
Episode 5: Sweet Johnny
Episode 4: Stole an RV
Episode 3: Joy in a Bubble
Episode 2: Monkeys Take a Bath
Episode 1: The Magic Hour
Episode 21: Camdenites (1)
Episode 20: Girl Earl
Episode 19: Love Octagon
Episode 18: Killerball
Episode 17: No Heads And A Duffel Bag
Episode 16: Stole a Motorcycle
Episode 15: I Won't Die With a Little Help from My Friends (2)
Episode 14: I Won't Die With a Little Help from My Friends (1)
Episode 13: Bad Earl
Episode 12: Early Release
Episode 11: Burn Victim
Episode 10: Midnight Bun
Episode 9: Randy in Charge (...Of Our Days and Our Nights)
Episode 8: Our Other Cops is On! (2)
Episode 7: Our Other Cops is On! (1)
Episode 6: Frank's Girl
Episode 5: Creative Writing
Episode 4: The Frank Factor
Episode 3: The Gangs Of Camden County
Episode 2: My Name Is Inmate 28301-016 (2)
Episode 1: My Name Is Inmate 28301-016 (1)
Episode 23: The Trial
Episode 22: Get a Real Job
Episode 21: GED
Episode 20: Two Balls, Two Strikes
Episode 19: Harassed a Reporter
Episode 18: Guess Who's Coming Out of Joy
Episode 17: The Birthday Party
Episode 16: B.L.O.W.
Episode 15: Foreign Exchange Student
Episode 14: Kept a Guy Locked In A Truck
Episode 13: Buried Treasure
Episode 12: Our 'Cops' is On
Episode 11: South of the Border (2)
Episode 10: South of the Border (1)
Episode 9: Born a Gamblin Man
Episode 8: Robbed a Stoner Blind
Episode 7: Mailbox
Episode 6: Made a Lady Think I Was God
Episode 5: Van Hickey
Episode 4: Larceny of a Kitty Cat
Episode 3: Sticks & Stones
Episode 2: Jump For Joy
Episode 1: Very Bad Things
Episode 24: Number One
Episode 23: BB
Episode 22: Stole a Badge
Episode 21: The Bounty Hunter
Episode 20: Boogeyman
Episode 19: Y2K
Episode 18: Dad's Car
Episode 17: Didn't Pay Taxes
Episode 16: The Professor
Episode 15: Something to Live For
Episode 14: Monkeys in Space
Episode 13: Stole P's HD Cart
Episode 12: O Karma, Where Art Thou?
Episode 11: Barn Burner
Episode 10: White Lie Christmas
Episode 9: Cost Dad the Election
Episode 8: Joy's Wedding
Episode 7: Stole Beer From a Golfer
Episode 6: Broke Joy's Fancy Figurine
Episode 5: Teacher Earl
Episode 4: Faked My Own Death
Episode 3: Randy's Touchdown
Episode 2: Quit Smoking
Episode 1: Pilot