Mysteries of the Abandoned (2017)


Genre: Documentary

Plot: Scattered around the world are long-forgotten engineering marvels, decaying cities and empty factories that once stood on the cutting edge of design and construction. Today they are discarded, dangerous, and some of them are even deadly. "Mysteries of the Abandoned" reveals why these engineering triumphs were built and how they were left to crumble. In each hour long episode, stories tell of who originally designed the structure, its historical significance, and why it was ultimately no longer viable. California's Goat Canyon Trestle railway, Pennsylvania's Kinzua Viaduct steel bridge, the Grand Goulets Road in the French Alps, and Hashima Island, a once thriving and now deserted Japanese island, are among episode subjects. Read More



Episode 8: Ruins of the Rust Belt
Episode 6: Ghosts of Black Mountain
Episode 5: Factory of Death
Episode 4: Greatest Icons
Episode 3: Secrets of Mafia Island
Episode 2: American Ghost Park
Episode 1: Into the Murder Labyrinth
Episode 11: Nightmare at Fort Paranoia
Episode 10: House of Horror
Episode 9: Anarchy on Ireland's Alcatraz
Episode 8: The Thing on Hell Mountain
Episode 7: Towers of Blood
Episode 6: The Killer in the Castle
Episode 5: Florida Doomsday Castle
Episode 4: Hell on Blood Island
Episode 3: End Times on Lake Michigan
Episode 2: Swamp of Despair
Episode 1: The World’s Strangest Disaster Zones
Episode 8: Curse of Satan's Catacombs
Episode 7: The Devil's Prison
Episode 6: Secrets of the Doomsday Caves
Episode 5: Journey to Outcast Island
Episode 4: Kingdom of the Vanished
Episode 3: Haunting of Heartbreak Castle
Episode 2: American Atlantis
Episode 1: Jungle of the Damned
Episode 9: Haunting on Plague Island
Episode 8: Pompeii's Gate to Hell
Episode 7: Alien Hell Portal
Episode 6: Alaska's Fort Apocalypse
Episode 5: Treasure of Outlaw Valley
Episode 4: Labyrinth of the Dead
Episode 3: Escobar's Castle
Episode 2: Secrets of Supervillain Island
Episode 1: World's Strangest Ghost Towns
Episode 10: Secrets of Alien Stonehenge
Episode 9: The Real Shawshank
Episode 8: Nazi Death Star
Episode 7: The Town That Disappeared
Episode 6: City of the Damned
Episode 5: America's Doomsday Town
Episode 4: Underwater Ghost Prison
Episode 3: Tower of Death
Episode 2: Nightmare on Blood Mountain
Episode 1: Doomsday at Dragon's Teeth
Episode 8: Sea Fortress of Doom
Episode 7: Amazon Ghost Town
Episode 6: Secrets of the Alien Shrine
Episode 5: Conspiracy on Devil's Mountain
Episode 4: Desert Ghost Fort
Episode 3: Arctic Hell Pit
Episode 2: Curse of the Haunted Prison
Episode 1: Armageddon Highway
Episode 6: The Tesla Conspiracy
Episode 5: Soviet Doomsday Device
Episode 4: Wild West Apocalypse
Episode 3: Phantoms Of Chernobyl
Episode 2: Curse Of Hell Island
Episode 1: Nazi Ghost Town